“Taking Teams to the Next Level! Getting the Whole System on the Team,” Kay L. Hubbard and Linda M. McFadden. (The Business News, Traverse City, MI, October 1999)

“Teamwork – What it takes!” Linda M. McFadden and Kay L. Hubbard. (The Business News, Traverse City, MI September 1999)

“Team Concepts for Emerging Organizational Architectures,” Linda M. McFadden and Kay Hubbard. (Information Outlook, December 1998 )

“The Virtual Workplace, ‘When the World is Your Place of Work’,” presented by Linda McFadden at an Institute on the Virtual Workplace in the fall of 1996. It describes a variety of work types and work places emerging, sometimes known as alternative work strategies, organizational responses, and her own solutions as an independent consultant and home office worker. Available on request.

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